Rosie André

Rosie André, Rosanna André, Rosie Collinson, Rosanna Collinson

“Rosie and I are totally different. In French, we have a saying that “opposites attract” and that defines us pretty well!

We are different in every aspect of our lives, personally and professionally. It could have torn us apart but we managed to embrace our differences and learn from each other. I was a totally different person in 2010 but meeting Rosie totally changed my life.

If I was to describe Rosie with three adjectives, I would say: tolerant, supportive and generous.

  • Tolerant: Rosie doesn’t care about what people look like, what people do or what people are. She doesn’t judge anyone by their appearance, their religion, where they come from or what other people say. She talks to them, listens to them, tries to understand their background and then builds her own opinion. You can be sure that you will be well listened to and well taken care of with Rosie.
  • Supportive: Rosie is the most supportive person I know. Without her, I would not be where I am now and I thank her every day for that (even if I don’t tell her often enough). In 2015, I had a secure job for an IT company but I didn’t like what I was doing. I had the opportunity to join a young startup with an amazing project. But there was a hitch: no clients and no guarantees about the future. We had just signed a 25 years mortgage so needed a steady income. We thought about it a lot and Rosie was extremely supportive of me, pushing me to pursue what I wanted to do and what my gut was telling me. Even if there was a risk for both of us. That decision has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me.
  • Generous: Rosie carries her heart on her sleeve. She is not a businesswoman by nature and doesn’t do things for the money. She could easily spend her life volunteering somewhere in the world as long as she has shelter and some food every night. She will take the risk to nearly missing an extremely important flight to help someone else get on board (real experience from December 2017 on our way to Miami). She'll work until things get done, without looking at the time spent. That's how generous she is.

We are opposite but we complete each other really well. By working together we can bring the best of each other and come up with original ideas.

I will take care of the business side and you can count on Rosie to understand who you are, what you want to do and where you want to go. She will be honest, attentive and will use her creative talents to help you the best she can.”


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