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"Jérémie is almost the exact opposite to me in lots of ways, from music taste to films but we are very similar in our views, opinions, and plans for the future. We complement each other extremely well, as whatever I struggle with, Jérémie can help me and vice versa. He is the most organized person I know whether that’s with our money, documents or plans. He is very practical and intelligent, always knowing the best thing to do. I come to him for advice on different aspects of my life both professionally and personally.

Jérémie inspires me every single day. Working full time during the day then coming home and learning about other things from Spanish to Website Design to Yoga. He is motivated and determined to better himself in all aspects of his life. He inspires me to be a better version of myself and I can’t wait for you to have the same experience.  

I feel like working together with this project can only be a good thing. We know how and when to compromise and split tasks according to our skill sets.Jérémie has helped me enormously with my photography company and I can’t wait for him to help with your professional projects too. He can offer a lot of advice, support, and motivation to help you “do what you love”.

If you’re wondering what exactly Jérémie has helped me with, here is a short list. Determining prices, website design & layout, confidence, advertising, contacting people, organizing (files, folders & photographs), invoices, setting up my company (including all the paperwork that I didn’t understand), paying taxes and so much more.

I am the creative one who is a complete mess with anything administrative but he loves doing all that and always has everything in order.

Honestly, if you need help with anything, Jérémie is a good person to contact. Although he doesn’t know everything, he will always try his best to learn and give you the best help possible."


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