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Jérémie has been looking to create a company for a while now, without finding The Idea. His wife Rosie started a photography business in 2016 but was struggling with all the paperwork, the pricing, and the strategy, plus she lacked a little self-confidence. Jérémie helped Rosie with her photography business in various different ways including contracts, invoices, prices, advertising, social media and so much more. He also helped her a lot with her confidence and believing in herself. Sometimes all you need is someone on your team telling you that you can do this, you can work hard and it will pay off in the end!

After traveling to several countries and meeting people from different cultures, backgrounds, and religions, Jérémie became very curious. He loves to hear about how people live on a day to day basis, what they are passionate about and what they do for a living. He has found that some people don’t have the knowledge, the technology or simply the time to bring awareness to a wider audience about their projects.

And that’s when it clicked for Jérémie: what if The Idea was there, staring him in the face. Rather than looking for an idea to create a business, what if The Idea was to help other people create and promote their projects!

Build businesses with great ideas and lift them off the ground

Jérémie was convinced there must be plenty of “other Rosies” in the world. Talented people, full of great ideas and potential but unfortunately not fully going for it because they don’t know where to start and how to properly execute.

He knows that being a self-employed business owner is hard work. You need to be an expert in your own field but also know about a million other things to help lift your business off the ground – and keep it there! It’s all well and good being the best in the business in your specific field, but if no one knows about you or can’t find you online, you won’t be paid for your fantastic ideas.

That’s where 27Eleven comes in. Whether you are blogger, an influencer, an artist, a photographer or a baker, you can now focus on your skills and spend your time doing what you’re good at and leave the rest to us. We will help with websites, social media platforms, admin work, contacting people, getting customers etc.

We want to help individuals and small companies. The people who otherwise wouldn’t have a website, an Instagram page or a blog. However, we want to offer so much more than just a website. We are the one-stop shop for creative people who struggle with today’s technology.

We want to build relationships and be invested in your success. We want to offer support, advice, and encouragement.

We partner with Provence Photography, Rosie's company, who will bring their creative talents, their photography, Lightroom & Photoshop skills and their knowledge of social media to help you design your brand and get it out there. Jérémie will use his experience working for a young startup, combined with his curiosity, enormous motivation and ambition to help you to get shit organized and done.

27Eleven will do everything to give you the best they can, constantly challenging themselves and learning new skills to get things done. Jérémie is extremely passionate and willing to go above and beyond for people who deserve the help.

He created 27Eleven for you, talented people from the 4 corners of the globe who deserve to grow their company and get known around the world.

Jérémie André
31 years old

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