Jérémie’s Travels

Jérémie's Travels

Jérémie wanted a travel blog in French to share all his travels and experiences with his family and friends. More than text content like his other blog, he wanted this one to be really visual to show off his travel photographs and videos.
To bring some interactivity to the website and improve the travel experience, we used the plugin Interactive World Maps to show a nice world map on the home page and also a map on each country page. This way, Jérémie can easily show all the destinations he has been exploring.
The website is developed around the theme "Receptive" that we customized with earthy colors. The home page includes Jérémie's Instagram feed, so new photographs are regularly and automatically uploaded to the website without any extra work involved. There is also a video page displaying Jérémie's Youtube channel content automatically.
As always this travel blog is fully responsive, which means the display automatically adapts the content to your screen size. So if you browse with your computer, your smartphone or tablet, you will have a great experience!

"I'm not going to write a proper testimonial as I've done the website myself haha, but I'm pretty happy with the result!" ― Jérémie